Dillad Dwywaith launch

An innovative new scheme to share pre-loved clothes has been launched in Aberporth. Dillad Dwywaith (Twice-used clothes) is the brain child of a group of pro-active local women.

The scheme has been backed by Aberporth Village Hall and from this week there will be a rail of second hand clothes free to anyone from the local community.

Clothes can be donated to the local ysgol feithrin at Canolfan Tegryn and are being stored at West Wales Holiday Cottages HQ on Parc Aberporth.

Local laundry Golchi Sychu has washed them for free. The clothes – on a rail donated by local clothing firm Howies - will be available in the hall every Tuesday, at the same time as the country market.

Volunteers will be on hand to answer any queries, have a chat or offer a cup of tea.

The plan is to have the rail on a weekly basis leading up to Christmas and then start in earnest in the New Year.

Dillad Dwywaith has a facebook page and can be contacted at dilladdwywaith@gmail.com. One of the organisers, Lisa Stopher said: “We are really pleased that we are able to do something positive within our local community.

We are passionate about sustainability and feel that this is a great way to encourage reuse within our local community.”